Moving with God might seem to pose against believers certain challenges but like faithful Abraham we are to have Unwavering Faith in God and to put our focus on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith.

“Unwavering faith is when all things are against you but you remain with God even when others say otherwise” said Pastor Peter Abiodun the curate pastor of the Light Giving and Life Transforming Church.

He revealed further that it is believing against all odds even when others are saying otherwise and the condition seems impossible but still believing that the Lord is able to do that He has promised.

It is not merely something that is been said but something that has been put in practice and the Lord has proven Himself ever faithful but the most important is that we put in Him faith that doesn’t shake.

He further noted to the church that God is able to do it because He has done it before and He is still more than able to do it again.

Being the week of ‘The King of Glory’ as the theme for the choir anniversary reads, the DCC Superintendent of CACSO DCC and the guest minister in person of Pastor Ayoola Olalere carried the church along in offering to the Lord immortal praises.

‘Have Faith in God’ the Triumphant Voices ministered and the question is, in who have you put your Faith? Is it Jesus or your problem?

By: Ola Badejo



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