The life that Jesus lived while on earth can’t be compared with our daily lives, many have just come to a conclusion that it is not possible to either live or walk as he did in the old time.

It’s possible as believers to bend to the whims of Satan when he presents craftily his plan of failure but it is left for us to confess “I put my hands in Jesus’ hands, I can never fail” which is the ministration from the Triumphant Voices to stir up faith.

With joy and encouraged hearts, the congregation welcomed Pastor Oluwemimo Akinyomi who came up immediately after the ministration from the choristers and he declared prophetically after leading in a series of prayer.

He charged everyone from the epistle of Paul, Colossians 3:1-4 with the topic “An Old Challenge for a New Year Manifestation” and this session led him with an opening remark about the topic that believers must live rightly like Jesus did.

This statement becomes the answer to the compromising stand that many have taken over the possibility of living like Jesus did. This also becomes the old challenge that was first given to the early Colossian Christians but now to present day believers.

He further stressed the fact that doing unfit things, with an example of fornication, means taking a stand to use the body of Jesus to sin and this means nailing Jesus to the cross a second time.

Also, he made it clear that in this year which is still new, one should take note of things to retain, things to do away with and lastly things to remember.

With all these in mind, the workers within the vineyard were called forward to be charged and lastly to make their pledge to be faithful in their service to the Lord in this New Year. It was a moment of rededication for a new year walk with the Lord.

By: Ola Badejo


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