Elder Samuel Olusegun Olusanya is a chorister, workers’ coordinator and also an elder in Christ Apostolic Church Somolu Olaleye DCC Headquarters. He is one of the servants of God who does the work of The Father passionately.

In this interview with our correspondent, Elder Olusanya speaks on many issues concerning the church, its organs and administration.

Q: What is your administrative Position held and for how many years? What is your view about church administration from your experience?

A: I have been an Elder for five years. I am a Financial Secretary for 4 year now. The administration aspect of the church is not different from the secular world but it must be done with spiritual mind with accurate accounts and records.

Q: As the youngest Elder, how do you cope with the older members of the board during discussions and agreement?

A: Well, the need for God’s wisdom is required because there might be a situation where someone is wrong at some points which must be corrected with right presentation and in a humble manner. Before I became an elder, I was familiar with most of them so it was so easy for me to get used to them.

Q: How many years have you been the Assembly Workers’ Coordinator? How do you balance things?

A: I have been the workers coordinator for two years. Each department has their leader and with my position, I can’t impose myself on every individual. All I need is to have good relationship with them. Yes, I must have my own contribution but I am not alone, I have fathers (Pastors) who mentor and support me which make things easier.

Q: Are you impressed with the spiritual life of Members?

A: I am not disappointed. The world today has deviated but in our church presently, we can still see reasonable number of members we can call good Christians.

Q: How do you reach out to the vulnerable ones in the church?

A: Many of our members are matured. It is even we, the leaders that often sense when someone needs help, except on few occasions. People truly come for help. More importantly however, our members see themselves more as men of favour than objects of pity. We have matured workers compared to other churches.

Q: Considering the reduction in people’s turnout for evangelism, could it be said to be caused by change of leadership or personal businesses of people?

A: Personally, I want an improvement in the evangelism outreach than before. People tend to be more eager when they see our fathers leading the way. Though there are cumbersome workload and responsibilities for our fathers, each member too should personally reawaken to old time faith. God won’t do anything to trap you. We should also focus more on praying for the church at large.

Q: What are the qualities of a successful person?

A: Success is in different categories. It can be spiritual, material or financial. A successful person has a balanced spiritual life and stable financial capacity. The material one must however not be placed above spiritual.

Q: What are your views about the youth of nowadays in the church?

A: We have youth nowadays that want what the church will do for them and not necessarily what they can do for the church.

Q: Choir Ministrations nowadays have a lot of complaints, what is your take?

A: We don’t necessarily have a bad choir. Sometimes, people forget that praising God is the duty of every individual. Unfortunately, bad or fixed mind-set of people usually determines their opinions about choir ministrations. Comparison of churches too is not helping matters. People should come to God’s presence with grateful heart. It is not to say however that our choir is perfect. There are still rooms for improvement and we are working on them.

…to be continued.


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