Today, we encounter increasing difficulties in the field of soul winning. Some feel that it is useless to spend time, energy, and money on an attempt to win souls who do not want to be saved and as a result, some have become discouraged.

To the man who loves souls, difficulties and perplexities in evangelism are only a challenge to climb higher on the ladder of evangelical success. In other words, the man who gives himself to soul winning will become a keen student and observer of human nature, complexity of the human mind, and will study to determine how best to bring that mind under the influence of the Spirit of God.

The Light Giving and Life Transforming Church, CAC Somolu Olaleye presents another “Soul Winning Week”. All lovers of Christ and the Great Commission should be available to participate in this activity.
The programme holds between 2nd and 6th of March, 2020.

Soul Winning is not an option, a spiritual gift, or a programme to grow the church; it is a clear, definite and unavoidable command of God.

By: Adejoke Alao


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