The month of September, as all the other months within the year, has had in it – times of rejoicing and celebration. New born babies have arrived and many others have been numbered with the billions of the world’s population.

Out of the multitude in the world, there has been the election of grace upon some people whom God teaches to number their days that they might apply their hearts to the paths of wisdom.

In this category, CACSO_DCC celebrates with her leader, the Superintendent, Pastor Joseph Oluwemimo Akinyomi, who has been numbered not just as ordinary in the world but one who has impacted and has been able to fulfil the mandate of Jesus in saying, “Let your light so shine before men.”

He has been acclaimed to be a teacher of the word of God who has been firm in dishing out the word of God as well as rebuking when necessary. He has been a blessing to the body of Christ in this generation.

His impact and good deeds may not be enumerated merely with words of mouth because praise, strong faith and spiritual authority of the believer has been his core message which all evolve around the Commander of the Christian Faith, Jesus Christ.

In the name of the entire Church, the Publicity Department celebrates with you on this day with the sincere prayer that you will continue to be relevant to this generation and many other generations still to come.

Bon anniversaire !


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