The faithfulness of God cannot be overemphasized and never can it be numbered or named, even if all eternity were allotted for the thanksgiving. In essence, God is just too good and plenteous in mercy.

December 20 is a remarkable date in the life of our dear Pastor and Daddy in CACSO, in person of Pastor David Oluwagbenga Onawale. More remarkable was the celebration of Sunday, December 20, 2020 when he marked his 70th birthday.

He had verbally recounted the blessings of at other occasions but it was with dancing and giving of his substance before the church on Sunday, December 20 to show how great the goodness of the Lord has been unto him and his family at large.

Being a man of few words, he thanked God for having “grace mates” (fellow brethren in the Lord) but not “grave mates”. He showed, by expression and even in words, that it has been God all the way and not by his making or doing: it was and will always be the goodness of God.

Members of the choir, his family members and other well-wishers waited after the service to sing unto the Lord and take photographs with the celebrant.

The entire church celebrates with him and wishes him many more years in peace, joy, comfort and everything good in life.


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