Presence of God, Power of God and Peace of God are all necessities for believers and these were the focus in prayer during the Rededication Service for workers in Christ Apostolic Church, Somolu Olaleye.

Ministering on the topic, “Workers that Produce a Healthy Church and Christian”, Pastor Oluwẹmimọ Akinyọmi pointed out how necessary it is for believers not just to teach but to also do what they teach – which was Jesus’ style while He walked the earth.

“Jesus began to do first before He taught,” he said as he referenced Luke’s account to Theophilus in Acts 1:1. He showed how God relies on workers, and not angels, to do His work here on earth.

He also told how the church in general is most times a reflection of the health of the workers. “If the church workers are spiritually sick, then the church will appear sick.” He said to emphasize how much of an image of the church the workers are.

He proceeded by mentioning the marks of a healthy worker, first of which is an encounter with the Lord. This should be a personal encounter and a necessity for every Christian. A Christian worker should also be a person who has been made and grounded by the Lord. He must be a person who doesn’t follow the Lord with pride or arrogance.

The Christian worker should have his heart burning with the vision for soul winning where the teaching of Jesus in ‘doing and teaching’ becomes very applicable and necessary. He also has to be a radical disciple and follower of Christ, who doesn’t follow the Lord with a shaky or cowardly mind.

He also has to be filled and saturated with the Spirit of God. Hence, he is led by the Spirit of God. He also is a person who is filled more with godly character than charisma. He also identifies with other Christians and is ready and willing to stand for Christ in any situation.

This moment was succeeded by series of prayers unto the Lord and then the pledge by workers to remain committed to the work of the Lord in this New Year.

By: Badejọ Ọlanrewaju


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