Teaching is essential and that is the reason it needs to be done with due diligence which will produce predictable results when the right principles are applied.

Pastor Olu Olorunpomi, ministering during the workshop session of the Sunday School Teacher’s Rally, spoke on the principles for effective Sunday School teaching. He used Matthew 28:20; Ephesians 4:11,12 as his reference texts.

He used the five fingers to represent the five-fold ministry in the church – the thumb for Apostles; index finger for Prophet; middle finger for Evangelist; ring finger for Pastor; and the little finger for Teacher. He noted that although the little finger might be the smallest, it is the most sensitive of all fingers. The teacher’s role in the development of a Christian babe cannot be overemphasized and this makes it necessary that the teacher plays his part effectively and rightly because the application of these principles produces desired results.

Some of the principles for effective teaching, according to Pastor Olu Olorunpomi, include that the teacher employs the principle of Spirit-led teaching and Christ-like teaching. These enable the teacher to aim at producing same quality of disciples that Christ produced.

Proceeding further with some of these principles, he outlined that there are also the principles of adequate involvement – that is, engaging the students; getting positive feedbacks and working on same; good communication skills – avoiding ambiguity and using sound speech; provision of adequate illustration materials and many other principles along this line. The implication of these principles is the development of a balanced Christian, who will not be easily swayed by the prevailing false teachings all around.

One standout point Pastor Olu Olorunpomi emphasised during Questions and Answers session was the establishment of Teens’ Class or Fellowship in all assemblies. He reasoned that many of our young adults that are “lost” today were lost during their teens. The teens find it insulting to merge them with the children and won’t also fit in, if promoted to the adult class. In either case above, they are lost. Hence, he advised that they need a class of their own with a teacher who understands their language.


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