We live in a world inhabited by spiritual beings of darkness and men of dark minds. As Christian Youths, it is high time we rose from that point of weariness and weakness and shine the light of God in us to the world.

The Youth Wing of CACSO (The Champions) held her first Vigil for the year on Friday 14th January, 2022 tagged “ARISE AND SHINE” – Isaiah 60:1.

To this effect, Deaconess H. M. Olutoye, the Youth Leader, led the participants into a session of prayer. Reading from the thematic text, she emphasized the need for Christian youths to rise and shine our light in this world, as she also reverenced the “Parable of the Prodigal Son” (Luke 15:12-23).

In other words, she added that for one to arise, it simply means he has been in a low state at some point and for one to shine, he has definitely been in an unfavourable position.

“God is the centre of it all and so, our rising, shining, living and growing should be in and for Him. Thus, we must acknowledge Him in all we do, just like the prodigal son, who ran away from the truth, returned home and wasn’t rejected by his Father despite all he had done. How much more our heavenly Father,” she stated.

The sermon was rounded off after she revealed the major prerequisite to rising and shining as a Christians and this begins with reconciling with the Father, she emphatically reiterated.

Amidst other activities which played out on the night was the physical Bible Study “Bread of Life”. Borther Adekunle, the Youth Bible coordinator, further expounded on a 3-week topic, DISCIPLINED LIFE and enumerated the rewards for living a disciplined life. He stated that these rewards are “imperishable and limitless”.

The lessons derived, attested to by participants, further reveals that the wisdom of God does have an advantage over the wisdom of men.

In all, a moment of appreciation to God and celebration of all January-born brethren ensued shortly after and to this end, the programme ended marking a first time entrance for two members.


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