Christ Apostolic Church Somolu Olaleye DCC Headquarters’ Youth Fellowship held its monthly vigil on Friday, 11th of February, 2022.

“We all have a specific identity and that is our name; it’s our unique identifier.” Relating it to the theme for the programme, Deaconess H. M. Olutoye emphasized that God is also identified with love and the word “Love” cannot be alienated from God, and as a result of His love, He came to die for mankind.

We are fashioned in the image and likeness of God, Deaconess H. M. Olutoye highlighted that we must love ourselves and also love others the same way we love ourselves. She took her reference from (Matthew 22: 34-40), emphasizing on the “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Further to her emphasis on loving oneself, she further explained that one needs to love him/her by adding value to oneself and this can be done if we make bible our standard. She charged participants to discard the wrong perspective we have toward ourselves and think of what the bible says concerning us using Pastor Paul Ogundipe as the case study.

Amidst the activities that took place was Bible Study, Bread of Life – mostly done online. Brother Adekunle, the Youth Bible Study Coordinator, further summarized all that has been taught so far on “The Disciplined Life.”
He clarified that living a disciplined life is not only limited to your spirituality but also covers other aspects life.

He further explained that the purpose of God on a disciplined life is not for a short time but for eternity.

The program ended with appreciation and celebration of all January and February birthday celebrants.

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