It is commonplace to play the blame game to excuse oneself of the wrong that one has done but this should not be the case if every individual will be held accountable for their actions. Satan will not be responsible but the individual.

The church expresses its concern for the condition of the nation and the furtherance of killings in the country in the name of defence for a religious belief and this caused the church to pray fervently in intercession for the nation and fellow believers.

Into the programme, the Triumphant Voices spelt out the words “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y” to the church as they ministered in songs that God has given us victory over everything.

This ministration was in line with the theme of the month tagged, “The Overcomer” and Pastor E. A. Adetayọ ministered to the church on the topic, “Overcoming the Flesh”.

He laid emphasis on the fact that the flesh is what people desire to please rather than please the Lord. This is what differentiates the believer from the world because the believers are expected of the Lord to please Him.

This is the reason He has given His Spirit and nature to be a substitute to the nature of flesh that can, in no way, please the Lord or be reformed in any way because it has learnt sin and rebellion after the fall of man.

The natural man, according to him, has no way of escape except He depends on God. This, he said while explaining that if man relies on himself or any other man, he will end up more disappointed than he was before, but when he relies on God, he will be victorious indeed.

To conclude, he mentioned some of the reasons the believer needs to overcome and these include: “to live for God”; “to receive from God”; “to have confidence in God”; and finally, “to inherit the kingdom of God”.

With these words, he admonished the church and tried to draw the attention of the church to the fact that the coming of the Lord is at hand. This calls for a life fully dedicated to the Lord and not a life striving to please the flesh.


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