A friend of Late Papa Olaleye who happened to be a member of Christ Apostolic Church convinced him to hand-over the church to the Christ Apostolic Church Authority. There and then, the Church was put under CAC Lagos state with Trustee Late Pastor A. O. A. Olutimehin at the helm of affairs. Late Pastor L. O. Abiola, then at Igbogbo was sent to conduct a revival programme in the church.

Evangelist P. K. Bankole now superintendent in Egba District coordinating Council, was posted as the first minister in charge of the Assembly. The first Sunday Service was held on 13th December 1968 with 13 people in attendance.

We must say here that right from the inception of this church, the church has been so blessed with so many committed, dedicated and ministers that are ready to give their all for the propagation of the gospel. From Pastor P. K Bankole to many like Pastor Ogundare, pastor Awobona, Pastor Gideon Oladokun, pastor Olayiwola, pastor Omolewa, Many Evangelists and many others.Notably one of these ministers is Pastor S. T. Idowu, who came in 1974 as an elder and was ordained in 1989. whom God used to move His church forward tremendously, he was the pioneer District, Zonal and DCC superintendent.


The present site is a full plot of land. Initially, one third of the land had been vacant while another one-third occupied by a storey-building-(Hotel) the remaining one is fora fish storage cold room.

The plot of land was owned by PA Odufejo, then and still a member of the Christ Apostolic Church. He is present at CAC District headquarter Owu-lkija, under the Ijebu- Ode District Coordianting Council.

Pa Odufejo gave the one-third vacant portion of the plot on lease at one kobo per month for five years,about the first quarter of the year 1974.

In order to take a permanent possession of the space, the church requested that the land which had been held under lease be sold to her. A willing heart was found in Papa Odufejo who had reserved the land for the church having heard the voice of God, that the land was needed for His (God’s) work. Because of this, he had repeatedly turned down offers from prospective buyers. He therefore asked the church to pay what she could afford, This led to acquisition of the land for a sum of N4000.

To the glory of God, the remaining two-third of the church gradually became the property of the church for a sum of N150,000 for the middle one-third portion in the year 1984, and N1 million for the last one-third portion in the year 1999.

We also want to recognize the care, support and love displayed by our Fathers, Mothers, Brothers & Sisters of the mother Church i.e THE CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH ITIRE (NOW COORDINATING COUNCIL) especially our amiable and beloved Daddy, a man of vision and a humble servant of God TRUSTEE LATE PASTOR BEN OKPAISE; LATE PASTOR D. K E. SOKUNBI, an adroit administrator, and a man of God, the doer of the WORD Pastor M. A. Adeoye for their positive roles in Nurturing the 13 membership Assembly in one room apartment back in 1968 to the DCC Status in Christ Apostolic Church worldwide Today.


At Ifonyin and environs in Benin Republic are Ibesho, Igbokutu, Idi Oro, Adodo, Izian and Ita Merin, all these churches and their ministers are being catered for to date.

Also, at GABON the only Christ Apostolic Church in that country is planted by a product of this church. He is Pastor Samuel Olayode and the assembly is being catered for by this church.

As a matter of fact, we would have been able to cover several locations but for lack of funds.